Discover The Hague – suggestions

The Hague is a multifaceted city.
Looking for information about the city, the beach or the extensive nature in the dunes?
We have listed the main sources of information for you!

This is The Hague!
What, where, when – here you find everything about what to do when you’re staying in The Hague.
This is your main portal to info on The Hague.

Hiking and biking in the dunes: nature reserve Meijendel
Highlight: The Hague Routes.
Online walking routes that take you along the hidden hotspots and well-known highlights of The Hague, from beaches to shopping streets and from restaurants to palaces.
Ask your host for more information – he loves this place!
Take one of our bikes and within 10 minutes you are in Meijendel, one of the most beautiful nature reserves of the Netherlands.

Beach The Hague
With 11 kilometers of coastline you will enjoy yourself for hours!

City Center
Shopping, Food, Nightlife, Culture, and so much more.

This Week
Events and Exhibitions.

The Hague, museums and galleries
A page from the website ‘This is The Hague’, with a good overview of the museums.
Our favorites list of galleries in The Hague: Galerie Nouvelles Images, Van Kranendonk Gallery, Galerie Maurits van de Laar, West, Nest, heden, Galerie Ramakers.
If you want your art to be less higbrow, you most certainly have to visit the galleries and art dealers at the Noordeinde (between Noordeinde Palace and Hogewal) like Project2.0 or De Galerie Den Haag. Take a left turn at the end of the Noordeinde and visit Stroom, you’ll enjoy the contrast.

Public transport in The Hague

Webshop The Hague
In case you can’t get enough of our beautiful city!