Parking in the neigbourhood

Parking in our street. You can easily park in our street. We’re seldom in lack of parking space, and if we do, you can always park your car around the corner near the school.

Free parking in the weekends and on working days after two o’clock.

On weekdays, between 9:00 and 14:00, you need to buy a parking ticket from the vending machine for € 1.70 per hour. You can pay with your credit card. We’re there to help you if the machine won’t accept your card.

For short-term parking, we have a guest permit ready. That we mostly use in the early hours of the day, to let you gently wake up without the hassle to attend the parking meters…

Unpaid parking: quite near. A few hundred metres from the B&B the zone for paid parking ends (see image below), you can park your car for free outside the red area on the map.



Park your car outside the red area, for example along the ‘Vlaskamp’ opposite the police station.

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